LDH in the News

Stellar Students

The school year might be over, but some of our grads are carrying on as if it's just another day.

A simple deed by some members of LDH's ManUP! was noticed by a community member, posted on social media, and then picked up by one of our local papers.

Read the article in the Ottawa Sun here.

Good job boys for making our community a better place!

Summer School

Last chance to register!

Final registration for summer school make-up classes will take place in Student Services on Wednesday, June 24, 9am-12pm.

Parental consent is required on the registration form which is available now in Student Services.

Information, including times and course listings, can be found on the LDHSS Student Services website.


Extra tickets

There are a few extra tickets available for Commencement. All students who requested an extra ticket will get at least one.

They should come to the main office to claim their ticket(s) as soon as possible.

By the end of the week, any unclaimed tickets will be made available, and we will again hold a draw to give them out to students who need more.

Attention Grads!

Personalize your moment!

Attention Grads:

We would like to help make your moment at Commencement as meaningful as possible.  When you walk across the stage to receive your diploma, your picture and some personal information will be shown on two video screens. 

We are asking that you please complete two information items that will appear on the screen. 

Please use the following link to fill in your personal information:
Online Grad Form Here