Romeo and Winifred

February 11, 2016

The Intermediate Drama Club is presenting the play, Romeo and Winifred, on Thursday, February 11, at 7 p.m.

This tragic comedy in two and a half acts is set in modern New York City. Two star-crossed lovers from different department stores have fallen in love with each other against the odds, pitting family against family.

Family feuds, hot dog fights, and a posse of awesomeness will surely make everyone giggle. If anything, this play is sure to make Shakespeare roll around in his grave. Can you hear him groaning henceforth? Fiddlesticks! 

Come and see this play!

TICKETS are $5.00, and will be on sale on Feb 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 during the intermediate 1st and 2nd Breaks, outside the Cafeteria, OR speak to Sharon Martinson in room 112.

Cake Raffle

Thursday, February 11

School Council is holding their Annual Cake Raffle on Thursday, February 11. They are looking for donations of cakes, with the only stipulation being that they must be nut free. Cakes must be delivered to the school by 9:00 a.m. on the 11th, and be in a container that is sturdy enough for a student to transport the cake home. Cake containers will not be returned. 

Volunteers are also needed for help with supervision of the cakes, and ticket sales, between 8:30-2:30 on the 11th. 

Tickets will be on sale all day on the day of the raffle.

For more information, and to download a form to fill out to indicate your interest in helping out, please go to the School Council link under 'About LDHSS' at the top of this page.

We can't guarantee that the cakes will be as elaborate as the one pictured here, but they will be delicious!

School Bus Cancellation

Wednesday, February 3

The OCDSB has announced that all yellow school buses are cancelled today because of the freezing rain. However, all schools are open, and at Longfields all classes are running as per normal.

Because we do not have yellow school buses, but rely on OCTranspo, bus cancellations do not affect us. The board's expectation is that parents will ensure their students get to school.


Information Link

Cyberbullying is something that parents of all young teens and young adults should be aware of. 

It has the same insidious effects as any kind of bullying, turning children away from school, friendships, and in tragic instances, life itself.

Click here to read an information poster discussing cyberbullying.