Midterm Report Cards

Thursday, April 17th

Students will be receiving their Midterm Report Cards at the end of school on Thursday, April 17th.

If you have any questions regarding grades, please contact the teacher directly via their school board email account (list found under About LDHSS -- Staff Directory) or call the school to speak with them directly (613-843-7722).

Best of luck to all of our students with less than 1/2 a semester to go in the school year!

Go Silent?


On Thursday April 17 Longfields Davidson Heights is going silent for 24 hours along with Craig Kielburger, Malala Yousafzai and Free The Children.

The Better World Project will be selling black masks and buttons before school, during first intermediate nutrition break, and after school.

Masks cost $3.50 but only $2 if you have a wrist band. You can also buy a wristband for $5 and get the mask for free.

Why should you go silent?  Watch this Video.

Every one has a voice that needs to be heard. Take a silent stand to speak out for the unheard.

For more info, check out here.

Zombie Prom Rocks

Zom-BIE there or else!

Jonny (who rebelliously spells his name without the customary “H”) is heartbroken when the love of his life, Toffee, is forced by her parents to leave him.

Despondent, he hurls himself into the main waste treatment silo of the local nuclear power plant. But love conquers all ... including, in this case, Death.

Jonny returns to Enrico Fermi High as a ZOMBIE. But will Toffee still love him? Will the community accept him? And most importantly, will he be allowed to attend his senior prom?

Show Times
April 9-12
@ 7pm
$15 Adults / $10 Students

Three course, pre-show dinner available April 10 @ 5:30pm ($22)

Come on out and enjoy an exceptional show!

Over 100 students, teachers, and community members are involved.


Students and Parents

All Ontario schools are required to complete a school climate survey at least once every two years.  The purpose of a school climate survey is to better understand perceptions about safety at school.  We know that when students feel safe and welcomed at school that they are more likely to achieve at high levels. 

Student Survey:  Students in grades 7-12 will complete the survey on-line at school.  Parents who do not want their child to complete the survey must advise the school in writing by Monday April 14, 2014.  For more info, download the form here.

Parent Survey:  We would also like to hear from you about school climate.  There is an on-line parent survey that asks similar questions to those that students will be asked.  The survey is completely anonymous, voluntary, and confidential.

   1.  Visit www.tellthemfromme.com
   2.  Use the following school login code:
      Username:     LDHSS10878
      Password:      parent
   3. Click GO to start the survey.

For more info, check out the Survey Powerpoint here